Reasons for Family Game Night


Recently we received our newsletter from Voddie Baucham Ministries. In it Dr. Baucham listed some great reasons to play board games as a family:

Game time is a lost art in the modern American family. Between Ballet, sports leagues, non-stop church activities, and the constant allure of various electronic media, few families sit down together long enough to play a game of Candyland. However, playing games together offers several benefits that we would do well to consider as we contemplate our schedules.

1. Game Time Builds Family Unity. While passive entertainment can be “enjoyed” together without any interaction, game time requires real interaction. We hardly get to know one another when we watch a movie, or a TV show. However, playing games together allows us to interact in ways that go beyond the surface.

2. Game Time Protects Family Time. Interaction with members of our household is important. However, that time is difficult to come by. If we are not careful, we will spend our time in the house together without ever saying a word to one another.

3. Game Time Reveals Sin and Provides Opportunities for Teaching and Correction. With small children in the home, it is important to find opportunities to teach important interpersonal skills. Game Time puts children in situations where we see their selfishness, competitiveness, and impatience on display. This is means game time is an important tool in the arsenal of the conscientious parent who wants to address the great need for the “fruit of the Spirit” (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, etc.) in a context that normally brings forth the “Works of the Flesh.”

4. Game Time is (dare I say it) Fun. Laughing, playing, competing, screaming and shouting (with excitement, of course) are all joyous expressions that make game time fun. I don’t know about your family, but around the Baucham household, we can sit for hours just laughing about previous game times!

In our house, we love games like Settlers of Catan, Pictionary, & Sequence.
What are your favorite family games?