Sloppy dress is in – and what we can do about it!







“I like to wear skirts, but every time I put a long skirt on I’m told that I look really dressed up! My family thinks it’s crazy that I have a skirt on just to go to the grocery store. I’m really getting tired of the comments. I just want to look nice.”


I’ve received comments like the one above many, many times. As women become convicted in wanting to wear skirts, they receive a lot of negative feedback from family and friends. I’ve pondered on why we ladies stand out so much in a skirt, and almost make some people uncomfortable. When my husband went back to college last year the answer was perfectly clear to me.


Sloppy dress is in.


Pajama bottoms, sweatshirts, ripped jeans, shirts worn inside out, all kinds of mix and match outfits, shirts hanging off the shoulders, yes I’ll even throw in gym clothes…the list could go on. These are commonly seen in stores, restaurants, parks, and even social get together’s on ladies of all ages.


Society has simply dumbed down the normal look for ladies. If some ladies are at the grocery store in their pajama bottoms and fuzzy slippers, you’d better believe that a nicely dressed woman in a long denim skirt, cute top and *gasp* maybe even a fashionable scarf on, is sure to stand out a little more.


So then the next argument goes like this…


“I don’t want to attract more attention to myself. I feel like men stare at me even more with a long skirt on. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel better when I wear my _____, like I blend in better.”


Yes, you might blend in better, but what are you blending in with? Does the sloppy look really appeal to you? Is that a better option than simply looking put together in a nice outfit?


I know there are ladies who look put together in a nice pair of jeans and top. I’m not trying to say it’s so black and white as simply sloppy outfits or a skirt. But I am trying to suggest that we not care about what society thinks. We need to care first and foremost about our convictions. How would we want to dress if the Lord was at the grocery store with us?


Recently I was shopping at Walmart later in the evening when my children were in bed. I saw a woman shopping that had on a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing fancy at all. Then I glanced again and appreciated what I saw. She had made a real effort to look nice even in a baggy sweatshirt, and put on a pearl necklace, earrings, and had on nicer shoes with her jeans. I never would have dreamed of putting a pearl necklace on with a sweatshirt, but it actually looked nice on her. It was the effort of the extra touches that made me realize she wanted to look nice. She didn’t just throw on the first pair of clothes she found in her dresser and run to the store.


Wherever we go we make an impression on people. Some of us stand out more than others – like if  we have lots of children :) Let’s make sure that the impression we leave has the potential to make an impact on someone. Our ultimate goal is to represent our Lord, and we can even do that with the clothes we wear.


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